Jackman Maine, also known as The Switzerland of Maine, is a small town nestled in the North Western Mountains of Maine in the Moose River Valley.

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Ruffed Grouse Jackman Maine

Birding around Jackman Maine and Moose River Valley

Spring is Birding Season around Maine

Jackman is a great place to bird especially in the spring. The birds start to arrive mid-April and continue coming or passing through until June. The tree swallows come in droves and start building their nests by the end of April. Soon after, evenings are filled with the call of the loons.

Ducks in general are numerous on Big Wood Lake and a favorite of those in kayaks and canoes. Watch out for the Common or Hooded Merganser as she swims with her ducklings on her back. And who knows, you may even be lucky enough to witness the ducklings first leap of faith (Youtube Merganser ducklings).

Bald Eagle Nest Jackman Maine
A pair of bald eagles nest on An old tree off of Big Wood every year. By mid July-early August, they may take their first flight.

The diverse habitat is what makes the trip up here to bird so great. With lakes, bogs, islands, forests and farmland, there's something for every bird.

Click on this link to find a partial list of birds seen around Jackman Maine in the spring and to view our bird photo gallery.

Also click on this link to find out Where To Bird Around Jackman Maine.

It's also pretty quiet in Jackman during this time as the snow and snowmobilers are gone and the ATV trails don't open until the end of May. But that's just the way the birds like it.

Barred Owl Jackman Maine
If you do come birding, make sure you post your checklist to ebird. If you don't use ebird, please drop off your checklist or report rare bird sightings to our information booth in town.

For a listing of current bird sightings near Jackman Maine and Moose River Valley, Click Here and type in 'Jackman Maine' for location or call our booth.

Visitor Information Booth

Our visitor booth an A frame, located on Main Street, has bird feeders out where you might glimpse some finches, chickadees, nuthatches, jays, grosbeaks or more.

Did You Know?

Snowy Owls have been known to visit Jackman in the middle of winter?