Jackman Maine, also known as The Switzerland of Maine, is a small town nestled in the North Western Mountains of Maine in the Moose River Valley.

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Hooded Merganser Jackman Maine

Birds of Jackman Maine and Moose River Valley

List of Birds you might see around Jackman Maine and Moose River Valley in the Spring & Early Summer

Soon we will add a bird picture gallery here. If you would like us to feature a picture of a bird you took in the area in our upcoming gallery, please .

Don't forget to include the date, time and place you took the picture along with your name so we can give you credit. Also if you have a favorite place to bird in the Jackman Maine/Moose River Valley Region, please drop us a note and tell us where, why you like it, what birds to expect to see, and best time to go.

Checklist of Birds

_______Alder Flycatcher
_______American Bittern
_______American Black Duck
_______American Goldfinch
_______American Kestrel
_______American Redstart
_______American Robin
_______American Wigeon
_______Bald Eagle
_______Baltimore Oriole
_______Barn Swallow
_______Barred Owl
_______Bay-breasted Warbler
_______Belted Kingfisher
_______Bicknell's Thrush
_______Black-and-white Warbler
_______Black-backed Woodpecker
_______Black-capped Chickadee
_______Black-throated Blue Warbler
_______Black-throated Green Warbler
_______Blackburnian Warbler
_______Blackpoll Warbler
_______Blue Jay
_______Blue-headed Vireo
_______Boreal Chickadee
_______Broad-winged Hawk
_______Brown Creeper
_______Brown Thrasher
_______Canada Goose
_______Canada Warbler
_______Cape May Warbler
_______Cedar Waxwing
_______Chestnut-sided Warbler
_______Chimney Swift
_______Chipping Sparrow
_______Cliff Swallow
_______Common Grackle
_______Common Loon
_______Common Merganser
_______Common Nighthawk
_______Common Raven
_______Common Redpoll
_______Common Yellowthroat
_______Cooper's Hawk
_______Dark-eyed Junco
_______Double-crested Cormorant
_______Downy Woodpecker
_______Eastern Bluebird
_______Eastern Kingbird
_______Eastern Phoebe
_______Eastern Wood-Pewee
_______Evening Grosbeak
_______Field Sparrow
_______Golden-crowned Kinglet
_______Gray Catbird
_______Gray Jay
_______Gray-cheeked/Bicknell's Thrush
_______Great Blue Heron
_______Great Crested Flycatcher
_______Hairy Woodpecker
_______Hermit Thrush
_______Herring Gull
_______Hooded Merganser
_______House Finch
_______House Sparrow
_______House Wren
_______Least Flycatcher
_______Louisiana Waterthrush
_______Magnolia Warbler
_______Mourning Dove
_______Mourning Warbler
_______Nashville Warbler
_______Northern Cardinal
_______Northern Flicker
_______Northern Goshawk
_______Northern Harrier
_______Northern Parula
_______Northern Saw-whet Owl
_______Northern Waterthrush
_______Olive-sided Flycatcher
_______Palm Warbler
_______Philadelphia Vireo
_______Pileated Woodpecker
_______Pine Grosbeak
_______Pine Siskin
_______Pine Warbler
_______Purple Finch
_______Red Crossbill
_______Red-breasted Nuthatch
_______Red-eyed Vireo
_______Red-shouldered Hawk
_______Red-tailed Hawk
_______Red-winged Blackbird
_______Ring-billed Gull
_______Ring-necked Duck
_______Rock Pigeon
_______Rose-breasted Grosbeak
_______Ruby-crowned Kinglet
_______Ruby-throated Hummingbird
_______Ruffed Grouse
_______Savannah Sparrow
_______Scarlet Tanager
_______Sharp-shinned Hawk
_______Song Sparrow
_______Spotted Sandpiper
_______Spruce Grouse
_______Swainson's Thrush
_______Swamp Sparrow
_______Tree Swallow
_______Tufted Titmouse
_______Turkey Vulture
_______Warbling Vireo
_______White-breasted Nuthatch
_______White-throated Sparrow
_______White-winged Crossbill
_______Wild Turkey
_______Wilson's Snipe
_______Winter Wren
_______Wood Duck
_______Wood Thrush
_______Yellow Warbler
_______Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
_______Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
_______Yellow-rumped Warbler

Did You Know?

Snowy Owls have been known to visit Jackman in the middle of winter?