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Huge Moose in Maine

8 Point Buck

Author: Quinton Toothaker

I was sitting about 50 feet from my in-laws lawn. I had just bought a brand new 20 gauge shot gun pump that morning at Wal-Mart so I didn't get in the woods until late afternoon. I was in the woods one hour...I rattled and grunted a few times...a nice 8 point buck came right in back of me about 15 to 20 yards. He didn't know I was there until he got closer. He had his head to the ground and then he looked up...we made eye contact..he darted five feet from where he saw me...

...aimed, fired and got him...8 point 154 pounds.

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Did You Know?

Mothers with young calves are very protective of their young and will attack if humans come too close. Charges by a Moose may only be "bluffs", warning you to get back, however take this seriously. When a moose does charge, it often kicks forward with its front hooves.

Did You Know?

Cows (the female moose) commonly give birth to twins or even triplets, usually in May-June. Offspring are completely weaned from Mom in about 5 months but will stay with her for a year.