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Huge Moose in Maine

Charging Bull Moose

Author: Gary Richardson

Just as we are approaching young green trees full of white wet drops of water we pause, for if we continue we are sure to be soaked with water. To turn and head back down the mountain is nice warm safety. To continue on is trouble. Our decision is to stop and listen to a charging bull moose coming up towards us. Yes we are truly soaked but thrilled to see an amazing animal this close in the wild Maine woods.


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Did You Know?

Mothers with young calves are very protective of their young and will attack if humans come too close. Charges by a Moose may only be "bluffs", warning you to get back, however take this seriously. When a moose does charge, it often kicks forward with its front hooves.

Did You Know?

Cows (the female moose) commonly give birth to twins or even triplets, usually in May-June. Offspring are completely weaned from Mom in about 5 months but will stay with her for a year.