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Huge Moose in Maine

Maine fishing for...Moose?

Author: Herb Everett

Moose Story #1 -- In about 1999, during the Memorial Day weekend, my son Frank was fishing an area of fast water on the Moose River. At this time of year the water runs high and fast. About 50 yards upstream from where he was casting, a cow moose and two calfs attempted to cross the river. The fast current caught one of the young moose and carried it downstream, ending up tangled in brush right at Franks feet!

He was able to untangle and assist the baby moose to solid ground, patting its head as it snuggled against his leg. Of course, the mother was not far away, so Frank led the young moose in the direction of the mother.

He then turned and went back to his fishing spot. Lo and behold, the baby moose followed him back. AFter a couple more tries, the young moose was re-united with its brother/sister and mother.

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Did You Know?

Mothers with young calves are very protective of their young and will attack if humans come too close. Charges by a Moose may only be "bluffs", warning you to get back, however take this seriously. When a moose does charge, it often kicks forward with its front hooves.

Did You Know?

Cows (the female moose) commonly give birth to twins or even triplets, usually in May-June. Offspring are completely weaned from Mom in about 5 months but will stay with her for a year.