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Huge Moose in Maine

Romantic Getaway in Maine?

Author: Herb Everett

Moose Story #2--This took place a few years back as I was deer hunting on the side of Sally Mountain in Jackman. I had taken a stand about half way up, in a hardwood clearing.

Soon, I noticed a cow moose coming uphill towards me. It came right to where I was standing and went about 5 feet in back of me and started munching on some sprigs. I made some noises, but it continued to munch away for a half hour or so.

I finally decided to move and headed easterly towards the shore of Big Wood Pond. I stopped and following behind me was the big cow moose, stopping about a dozen yards away. This continued for 3 or 4 more occasions until I made some loud noises and it finally ambled off. As this was the tail end of the \"mating season\" do you suppose she had romantic ideas?

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Did You Know?

Mothers with young calves are very protective of their young and will attack if humans come too close. Charges by a Moose may only be "bluffs", warning you to get back, however take this seriously. When a moose does charge, it often kicks forward with its front hooves.

Did You Know?

Cows (the female moose) commonly give birth to twins or even triplets, usually in May-June. Offspring are completely weaned from Mom in about 5 months but will stay with her for a year.