The snowmobile trails close today. Even though most of us are ready for spring, some people are still doing a bit of off trail riding. Our nights are still pretty cold but our daytime temperatures are running from mid 20s up into 40s.  SO your guess is as good as mine, when the snow will be gone.  It is good to see a bit of grass here and there.

Big Wood still appears quite frozen but we heard that the entrance to Long Pond is starting to open up, which is a good sign.

Do you have a guess on Ice Out?  If you do and want to participate in any Ice Out contests in town, send us an email and we can let you know who has them in progress.   Last year it was April 29th.

As soon as that ice goes away, we will start to hear the motor boats out on the water hoping to catch the big one!

After that we wait for the ground to dry up so we can find a trail to hike or ride our ATV.  It’s coming and most of us are ready.


Spring in Jackman Means Ice Out! Spring riding 2018