The snow is still gently falling on our little towns in the Jackman area, yet it melts quite quickly as it hits the ground. “Ice Out” will happen soon.

But, what is Ice Out?

It is when the lake icecap melts from one end of the lake to the other end so a channel appears. The most recent Ice Out dates for Big Wood Lake in Jackman are:
2000/April 24, 2001/May 4, 2002/April 19, 2003/May 3, 2004/April 30, 2005/May 3, 2006/April 20, 2007/May 9, 2008/May 2, 2009/April 26, 2010/April 19, 2011/May 1, 2012/April 14, 2013/May 1, 2014/May 7, 2015/May 5, 2016/April 23, and 2017/April 29. You can find more Ice Out dates for not only Big Wood, but for Sandy Stream as well, at

Ice Out in 2014
2014 Ice Out

The ice crunches and groans as it slaps the shoreline, breaking into smaller chunks that slowly melt. This rhythmic dance of the ice ushers in the spring of warmer weather, new tree buds, and green blades of grass growing underneath the tan leftovers from last year. The birds flutter with fury to make their nests as the deer gather in fields to

Birding is a Popular Activity
Spring on Big Wood

forage for their meals. Soon it will smelting time, when fishermen gather their nets and pails for some fishing fun. We at the Jackman-Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce are looking forward to the fishing fun.

It all starts with Ice Out. So, what is your best guess for Ice Out this year? Email us at with your best guess! We will recognize those who come the closest on our Facebook Page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jackman Maine Birding in Springtime Are you ready for Spring?