Courtesy of Deborah Grossi of Rockwood, Maine
Solitude on a Rainy Day for the Beautiful Herring.

Jackman, with its surrounding habitat of woods, fields, and waterways, provides optimal opportunities not only for viewing birds as they return from migration to build their fine nests of grass and twigs, but also those that ruffed the cold Maine winter. Visitor birders enjoy the sport of spotting and identifying various species, including the Boreal Chickadee, the Bald Eagle, and the Common Loon. Hooded Mergansers frequent Big Wood Lake during the day, even while blocks of ice remain on the surface. The Barred Owl usually hunts at night, however, has been seen scoffing up a meal during the daylight hours. You just never know which bird you’ll catch a sight of.

Spring Birding

Mid-April and the month of May are spectacular times to bird, after the snowmobile trails have closed for the season and the ATV trails are not open yet. The snow melts as the sun warms the ground and trees, prompting the calls of birds and wildlife. The songs of birds create that sense of renewal in Jackman, Maine.

Courtesy of Karen Champagne
Bald Eagle “High Above the Rest”

Cornell Labs established May 5th as the “Global Big Day” for birders. How many birds can you see in a 24-hour binge? Over 20,000 people join in the excitement of finding out! So far, it appears that about 65 percent of all bird species can be seen during this timeframe, but maybe that percentage can be improved upon? If you would like to learn more about this Global Big Day and how to enter, click here. Last year, participants around the world set the record with 6,637 species reported in one day.

How to Enter Global Big Day

Get an eBird account.

Watch for birds and document your findings. Click here for a Maine Birding Checklist and don’t forget to let us know what birds you saw and their locations!

Enter what you see and hear on eBird (or send your findings to

Try to get a photo if you can. And, most of all, have FUN!

Fishing Fun! Spring in Jackman Means Ice Out!