Have you ever been fishing in Jackman? After Ice Out, the waters are a little high. That doesn’t stop the possibilities of catching a Big Ol’ Fish, though! Send in your favorite Jackman fishing photo for a spot on the News Center Maine Channel 6 Portland and Channel 2 Bangor news stations through their website Big Ol’ Fish. It’s fun to be featured with your catch.

Landlocked salmon, brook trout (known as “brookies”), and splake are the popular species in our area ponds and streams, creating a “fisherman’s paradise” for amateurs and pros alike. For the State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Rules and Regulations, click here. Be sure to check out the free Family Fishing Days as well while you’re there.

Come and enjoy what the Moose River Valley has to offer for the avid sportsman!

This photo was taken in the summertime in a remote area, where photo and fishing opportunities abound. Photo courtesy of Ric Nielsen of Moose River, Maine.


ATV Riding in the Country Jackman Maine Birding in Springtime