Are you looking for adventure? Fun, excitement, and new experiences await you on the ATV trails in Jackman, Maine! The awe-inspiring beauty of majestic mountains, pristine streams, and cool, refreshing forest air rejuvenate visitors as they explore the vast countryside. Savor a picnic lunch at a resting spot that overlooks a peaceful valley, or capture spectacular shots of the scenery for your photo album. These memories last a lifetime.

ATV Bridge 2015
ATV Bridge 2015 by Cozy Cove Cabins

Check with our Border Riders Sportsman Club located in Dennistown just above Jackman for the latest news on the ATV trail system. Most trails open on or just after Memorial Day Weekend, depending on the weather and ground dry-out from melting snow and rain. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife provides information regarding registration, safety courses, and laws online.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own an ATV. Rental businesses, such as Jackman ATV Rentals, offer different models based on preferences and purpose. Rent a single-seater for one, a “two-up” for two people, or a UTV that holds up to four people. The UTV (utility vehicle) is considered the perfect ride for sight-seeing.

ATV Riding in Jackman
A World of Its Own by Annie Nielsen

Jackman trails interconnect with the State of Maine trail system, offering  an abundance of opportunities for day trips, loops, and week-long journeys to various interesting tourist locations. So, go ahead and breathe the pure mountain air of the Maine woods. A brand new world awaits you…

By Annie Nielsen

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