The Lakes and ponds in the Jackman Moose River Region offers fun for the entire family!

This past weekend was beautiful weather. As a result, it was fantastic to spend the day outside with the family. Attean was the perfect place to spend the day on Sunday. It was a wonderful trifecta, snowmobiling, sledding, and ice fishing! Combine with the beautiful weather, it was perfect! The younger kids spent the day sledding off the islands. Mean while, the adults were fishing. The older kids were off riding on the pond.

Because the weather was beautiful, ice shacks were not required. We built a fire on the island, had a picnic and had a fantastic day. One of the great things about Jackman is you are able to find your own little piece of heaven. There are so many beautiful spots that you can have all to yourself. In this crazy, busy world that we all live in, this is such a rare a special thing. The Jackman region is truly a special place.


The trails are still in fantastic shape. Although the weather has been warm, it has not had a negative affect on the trails. It has made the already solid base, rock hard. The forecast is calling for another large storm Wednesday and Thursday. Currently the weather report is calling for 8 to 13 inches. This weekend is calling for more beautiful weather. Check out our website at to get a full list of local accommodations and businesses in the region.

The Jackman Moose River Region is the perfect place to plan your summer vacation Snowmobiling in Jackman, check out our website at for accommodations