Plan your Summer Vacation in The Jackman Moose River Region


The Jackman Moose River Region is an amazing choice for your summer vacation. There are many activities available to you and your family, whether it be hiking, ATVing, fishing, white-water-rafting, canoeing, or relaxing. Our region is the place to be.

The Jackman Moose River Region has everything that you are looking for in a great family vacation. There are a number of shops that your family can visit and choose the perfect keep sake to bring home.  In addition, we have many delicious restaurants available that offer a variety of options to fit everyone’s wants and needs. We have a variety of accommodations to fit your needs, whether it be camping, a lake side cabin, hotels, or resorts, the Jackman Moose River Region has it all!

With everything going on in the world today, we are all becoming more aware of the importance of spending time with your family and not being in large crowds of people. The Jackman Moose River Valley is the perfect place to do just that. We are remote, with under 1000 residents and over an hour from your nearest Walmart or fast food chain, you are guaranteed to find the quiet and solitude that you and your family are craving.

To plan your summer vacation go to our website at We have an extensive directory that will help with planning your summer vacation!

An important order from our governor. A beautiful winter day in Jackman