Those traveling to the state of Maine self-quarantine for 14 day.

Governor Mills is doing her best to keep the residents of the state of Maine safe and asking that we all do our part to help stop the spread of the virus. One of the way that she is doing this is, she is requesting that anyone traveling to the state of Maine to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arriving to the state. She is also asking that those that live in a hot spot area currently avoid traveling to the State of Maine. What does this mean to visitors of the the vacation state? If you are traveling to Maine to go to your camp or property that you plan accordingly. Make sure that you bring supplies with you that will provide you and your family with 14 days of supplies during your self-quarantine.

The State of Maine is currently of a Stay Home and Stay Healthy order. Once you have finished your 14 days of self-quarantine it is anticipated that you will abide by this order. With this order you are encouraged to limit your visits to the store and other essential businesses. Businesses are also asking that only 1 family member goes in to the essential businesses and not the entire family. We are still permitted to exercise, walk our dogs, and spend time in the great outdoors. The governor has mandated that all lodging operations and accommodations close.  This is currently in effect until at least April 30.

Use this time to plan your family vacation

We recognize that this is an especially difficult time and that many people may want to escape the urban area that they live in and escape to our beautiful and remote community. Please keep in mind that this order has been put in place to help ensure that our medical resources are not exhausted. Our town is like many through the state, we have a small health center that has 1 doctor staffed. We are all in this together! Please utilize this time away from the Jackman Moose

River Region to look at maps of our region and plan your next vacation here, once this crisis is behind us. It is pretty clear that life in the slow lane is more desirable than ever. As a result, we are the best community to plan your  summer vacation. Take this time to explore our business directory. Jackman has many opportunities that you may have not utilized. Plan a hike that you have not taken. Think of a waterway that you have not paddled. Check out our ATV maps and plan an epic family ATV adventure. Over the next few weeks we will be posting different ideas that you and your family may take advantage of during this summer’s family vacation.


ATV Trails will be open for Memorial Day Weekend in Jackman! The Jackman Moose River Region is the perfect place to plan your summer vacation