ATV Riding in Jackman
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ATV Trails are open for Memorial Day weekend with some restrictions.

Our local Trail Master just let us know that Weyerhauser has allowed us to open our ATV trails for this weekend. We can open Memorial Day Weekend – Friday thru Monday. Please note that this is a trial run, please follow the guidelines set by the land owner.

The most important aspect is that people stay on marked trails, do not ditch ride and stay out of the mud. This is very serious – as this trial run will determine the rest of the summer.

There are some changes to the trail map. Please inquire before riding. It is important that we all follow the rules and respect the land owners wishes. We are greatly predicative of Weyerhauser, please respect their rules so that we may all continue to enjoy their property. The majority of ATV trails in the state of Maine are on private land. Please ride responsibly.

There will send an updated trail map as there are some changes.

Deer Hunting Season Opens 11-2-2020 An important order from our governor.