Williams Mountain is a great hike in the Jackman Moose River Region












































Willams Mountain is a beautiful hike in the Jackman Moose River Region. The hike is moderate. It is gradual for the majority of the hike, however, the last half mile is relatively steep. for more information about the hike as well as driving directions please check out the following links: https://www.mainetrailfinder.com/…/trail/williams-mountain as well as https://mainebyfoot.com/williams-mountain-near-west…/

Be prepared and bring plenty of bug spray! The black flies are out in full force right now. You can purchase bug spray at any of our local stores. For a full list of local stores please view at jackmanmaine.org. Summer heat has arrived with the black flies, make sure that you also have plenty of water.

Please do not start a fire when you are relaxing and taking in the beautiful view. That may be tempting because of bug season. Our water table is down and our woods are very dry. A little spark has the potential to cause a lot of damage to our forest.

Bring a camera, you will want to take lots of pictures. Please make sure that you carry out what you carry in and help keep our forests clean. Happy Hiking!

Coburn Mountain is a great challenging hike Plan your winter vacation now!