The Spencer POW Camp is a must see when visiting the Jackman Moose River Region.


The site of the World War POW Memorial in Hobbstown Township, also known as the Spencer Lake POW Camp. The Spencer Lake camp was built to accommodate 250 prisoners, though it later had to handle 310 men. Schoolchildren from Forest Hills School 8th Grade Class of 2007 for their service learning project in nearby Jackman have placed a plaque marking the spot near an apparent cooking structure.
Driving directions are: Take Route 201 south to the Hardscrabble / Spencer Road. It is approximately 12 miles south of Jackman. Take a right of the Hardscrabble / Spencer Road. The road is a well maintained dirt road. The monument is located at Mile 12 on the Hardscrabble Road.
Here is a YouTube link where you can check out the sight.
Please be respectful when visiting the sight. Do not remove any of the items. This is a historical sight. Please make sure that you carry out any items you bring in. If you plan on having a campfire at one of the designated campsites you must have a fire permit. You may obtain a permit from the Jackman Town Office, 668-2111. Be advised, we are in a significant drought. Fires at this time are not recommended. The town office will be able to provide you with the most current guidelines regarding campfires. Thank you for you cooperation.
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The Chamber has an information sheet on the POW that is available at no cost.
If you are looking for more information about the POW camp, we also have 5 books available for sale. The Cambers hours are Thursday, 4-6pm, Friday, 4-6pm, and Saturday, 10am-1pm.

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