One of the best ways to explore the Jackman Moose River Region is by Canoe or Kayak on one of our many ponds, streams and rivers.




















Our region is blessed with an abundance of beautiful water ways. Three ponds that are easy to access are Attean Pond, Wood Pond (Bigwood) and Parlin Pond.

Attean Pond

Attean Pond is famous for its beautiful beaches and islands. You will want to spend the day soaking up all the beautiful views of the mountains that surround the pond and the crystal clear water. Please be advised, some of the ponds are privately owned. Please respect the landowners and do not trespass.

The pond can be accessed by the Attean Road. The road is located on the south end of Jackman, almost directly across from the Route 6/15 intersection. Follow the road to the public parking area for the Moose River Bow Trip. If you are unable to find the parking area you may ask the attendant to the private landing, his name is Carl. The landing is a public access point, however the docks and the parking area is privately owned and not available to the public.

Wood Pond

Wood Pond, also known as Bigwood, is the beautiful pond that is visible in Jackman. The pond will reward you with beautiful islands and wildlife. There is an eagle’s nest at the base of Wood Stream that is famous for rewarding quiet paddlers with a pair of bald eagles. Loons are plentiful on the pond and if you are quiet you will be rewarded with views of them fish and dive in and out of the water all around you.

There is a public landing on Wood Pond that is available to the public, as is parking. You may access it by taking Spruce Street in the center of town. The street can be found directly across from 4 Season’s Restaurant and adjacent to Mama Bear’s Restaurant. Follow the street until it turns into Mill Road, to the left. The landing is approximately 100 yards from the intersection on the right.

Parlin Pond

Parlin Pond is a beautiful quiet pond that does not see as much boat traffic as Attean and Wood pond do. There is a beautiful beach on the south end of the pond that is a great place to take a break and soak in the beautiful views. Parlin Pond can be located approximately 12 miles south of Jackman on Route 201.

You may access the private landing at the rest area on route 201. The landing can be found at the south end of the parking area. You may launch your boats at the landing, however you may not park in the lower landing. You will have to park at the rest area. The lower landing is owned by the camp association on the property.

What to know

Please be carry out any items that you carry in when paddling or hiking in our region. Thank you for doing your part to help keep our region clean and beautiful. Know the laws if you plan on fishing. Each of the ponds have different regulations, for example Parlin Pond is fly fish only and catch and release.

If you are looking for accommodations in the Jackman Moose River Region or looking to rent a kayak or canoe for the day, or shuttle services, please view our website at for full directory. Happy paddling!

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