The Dark Sky in the Jackman Moose River Region provides amazing star gazing!


Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! We are blessed with another beautiful day in Jackman and the weather man is calling for a nice evening. One of the best things to enjoy when visiting the Jackman region is our beautiful night sky, there really is nothing like it! Because of our remoteness, and lack of light pollution, viewing the night sky is truly an awesome experience.

They are calling for a cloudy sky late this evening, early in the evening will be partially cloudy and will still be absolutely beautiful. The planets, Jupiter and Saturn, have been bright and vibrant the past few nights and are almost impossible to miss. Here is a link that will help you know what you are seeing and when is a good time to view them,

The Jackman Moose River Region provides a plethora of options for viewing the dark sky. It is not difficult to find an area where there is no light pollution. Please be advised, with the cooling temperatures moose are out. Drive with caution when driving at night in our region, they are large and dark and blend in very well. Drive slowly and buckle up.

For a full list of accommodations and amenities in the Jackman Moose River Region, please view our website at Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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