Burnt Jacket is a great hike in the Jackman Moose River Region and provides beautiful vistas of our region.

Burnt Jacket is a great family friendly hike in the Jackman Moose River Region. Go to Jackmanmaine.org to book your family vacation today.

About the Hike:

There is no trailhead sign for this popular local mountain, but the path is both easy to find and to follow. Once you’re on it, the route has been marked with ribbon tags and blazes. Part of the trail takes you through a delightfully cool and mossy forest. At .9 miles, you emerge onto a “false summit”—the actual wooded 2,140-foot summit is .4 miles on. But it just has a scratchy view through pines so you might want to conclude your hike at this peak. If you are good on your feet, I recommend making your way to an open ledge here (it takes a tiny bit of scrambling down and up rock) for expansive southerly vistas.
If you do want to continue to the summit, you might get a bit confused a few times. While the trail is tagged with ribbons, it can be hard to see here and there. And the initial climb down the rocks of the first peak (“a rock chimney,” according to the AMC guide) is a bit dicey.


Directions: From the bridge over Moose River, continue on Route 201 for one mile. Turn left onto Sandy Stream Road and go .3 miles to a fork. Bear left on Gander Brook Road and continue 4.3 miles to a gated bridge over Wood Stream. Park on the right. Walk across the bridge and through the gate. In 200 feet, you’ll see a grassy track to your right, headed up a hill. Follow this almost to the crest of the hill, and you’ll see the tagged footpath to your left. From here it’s about .9 miles to the first lovely view where most people conclude their climb.
To watch a video, please click our Youtube link below. Happy hiking!

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