If you are looking for a short hike, look no further than Owls Head Mountain.

Owl’s Head Mountain is located at the Attean Overlook Rest Area, just south of Jackman. The trail head is on the left, if you are looking at the trees and not the beautiful view of Attean. You will hike for less than a mile, round trip and relatively steep, but the view is spectacular!

The trail has been maintained by the local Boy Scouts in town. It is well marked. You will steadily  climb to the summit view. Upon reaching the summit you will have views of North Western Maine all the way to Canada. The trail is .35 miles. Once reaching the top you will see two signs. One says summit 1, this is where you want to go. The second summit has not been maintained and does not provide a view. It is overgrown and should be avoided.

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