Jackman Maine and the Moose River Region are a part of several outstanding canoe trips through unspoiled wilderness.

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Canoe on Big Wood Lake

Canoe Jackman

The Jackman-Moose River area's various water ways offer excellent paddling for beginners and experts alike. Big Wood Lake and Attean Pond in downtown Jackman are just steps away from convenient, varied accommodations; Crocker Pond, Holeb Pond, Long Pond and Little Big Wood Pond provide more remote settings. And the Moose River connects Big Wood, Attean, Holeb and Long Ponds, making trips of any length possible. Play on the water for a few hours or plan a weekend trip down a river camping along the way. Canoes and kayaks are available to rent if you don't have one of your own.


The Bow Trip

The 34 mile Moose River Bow Trip is one of the most outstanding canoe trips in Maine. The Bureau of Public Lands, of the Maine Department of Conservation, manages 19,231 acres of Public Reserved Lands surrounding much of the Bow Trip, which encompasses Holeb and Attean Ponds. This land is dedicated to multiple use, including recreation and forestry. The remaining length of the Bow Trip is on private land. Twenty-one wilderness campsites are scattered along the route.

There are two portages required on this trip. The 1.25 mile portage trail between Attean and Holeb Ponds crosses a railroad track, using caution when crossing the tracks. Conditions permitting, users should proceed directly across the railway to the trail on the other side.

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To find the best route to the Holeb Falls Portage, begin looking for a log cabin on the river's right bank approximately an hour and a quarter paddle from Camel Rips. About two miles down river past the cabin, the river divides. At the fork, take the channel to your left. Immediately after entering the channel, bear right with the current. After following the course for a mile, you will travel past still water area on your left. Just past this still water, turn left through the tiny passage. At this left turn, you should hear Holeb Falls. This passage will lead you to the Holeb Falls Portage.

In case of emergency, canoeists can seek assistance from the Maine Forest Service of Bureau of Public Lands Rangers who patrol the area; the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife wardens in Jackman; and other appropriate parties such as the Attean Lake Resort on Birch Island.

Please respect all landowners and leave any area the way that you would like to find it.

Camp fires are allowed at designated campsites. Most campsites in the Jackman-Moose River area and all campsites on the Bow River Trip require a fire permit. A fire permit may be obtained by calling the Maine Forest Service at 207-827-1800. Permits can no longer be filled out at the Jackman-Moose River Fire Department. All fires must be properly extinguished prior to leaving the campsite. All trash and garbage must be packed out unless trash cans are provided at the campsite.


Note: This canoeing adventure can be done in a day but remember to arrange a shuttle back to you place before beginning this trip.

The Moose River/Long Pond trip is peaceful for the entire six miles to Long Pond. Immediately on entering Lond Pond there are an abundance of reeds on the right side and a few large rocks lie hidden there.

Long Pond can get rough in windy weather but is normally a placid body of water. The area is lightly developed with private camps and a few permanent home sites. Several rocky ledges appear from time to time on either side of the Pond. Submerged rocks near those ledges should be avoided.

If you decide to paddle the length of the pond, the take out is approximately 5 1/2 miles on the right hand shore, where Parlin Stream comes in off of Route 15. This is about 3 miles before the fast water.

From the east end of Long Pond to Brassua Lake on the Moose River is an area of fast water with Class 1,2,3 and 4 rapids. EXCEPT FOR EXPERTS with experience of the area and conditions, it is recommended that canoeists exit at Parlin Stream.


Sandy Stream is between Holeb Road and Big Wood Lake. It is only runable during high water. This is a short, approximately 4 mile trip that is fun for the whole family. Moose and Deer are commonly seen on this trip.

Put in at the first bridge on the Holeb Road. The stream quickly twists and turns its way down to Big Wood lake. Take out is at the Route 201 bridge where parking is available. Although the water may be fast moving, there are no rapids.