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Jackman hosts sled dog races for the racing competition circuit several times during the winter months.

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Maine Sled Dog Fun
The Jackman Sled Dog Club has hosted the Northeast Championship races in March for the past 10 years as well as other races early in the season. Dog teams from all over the US come to Jackman to participate, pulling everything from traditional wooden sleds to titanium sleds to skiers; a sport known as skijoring. This is a family oriented sport with all ages from the young to the once young racing and working together with the dogs.

Snow arrives early here in Jackman and doesnít leave until the flowers are blooming everywhere else, so itís easy to provide some great trail conditions! Jackman is a picturesque area that offers many wonderful views and interesting terrain. The trails are mainly logging roads with rolling hills and moderate curves. Our trails are wide and well groomed with well-marked hills and corners. We provide loop trails for all classes, and there is plenty of space to park for racers and spectators. There is one bridge on the course that gets crossed both on the way out and on the return home. The bridge is about 14 feet wide and 30+ feet long. Much work has been done to make this a safe and exciting course.

Please contact the Jackman Sled Dog Club if you would like to become a sponsor, make a donation, or volunteer to help at the race.


The Jackman Sled Dog Club usually sponsors 2 races a year. The races they sponsor and the dates vary year to year so please, visit Jackman Maine Events annually for specific dates.

The Jackman Sled Dog Club hosts the Northeast Championship Sled Dog Race in March. This is three day Down East Sled Dog Club Sprint Race featuring one and two dog Skijor, 4 dog and 6 dog pro, 4, 6, and 8 dog sportsman, 2-3 dog Junior, 1 Dog Junior and Open.

Dog Sleds
Jean Boissonneault from Quebec driving his team around our race course.

More Race Day Information

LOCATION All of these events will be held at the Border Riders Sportsmanís Club located on Route 201 just North of Jackman, Maine. The clubhouse provides a great place to warm up and rest in between or during the races.
GOOD FOOD Available at the clubhouse each day from 7:30 am thru the last class. We will have soups, hamburgers, homemade goodies plus hot coffee and cocoa.
PARKING There is plenty of parking for everyone at the clubhouse. The area closest to the starting line is for the racers and spectators can park nearer to the clubhouse.
SPECTATORS These dogs and their mushers are amazing to watch especially for the non-racer. Although, unless you are working with the members on the trails, it is not easy to see all of the action. Part of the fun and excitement though, is to watch the drivers (mushers) hook up their dogs, get them to the start line, and see them take off PLUS return to the finish line. You can feel the energy of the dogs and the mushers as everyone cheers them in. There are areas to drive to to see parts of the course so please be sure to contact the club for directions. Most of the races take 20 minutes to round the course with the exception of the Open class which takes about 40 minutes.
SPECIAL FUN RACES Held right at Border Riders Clubhouse so this gives the spectator another option. The kid's one dog event is a short loop around the track with youngsters learning the art of handling the sled and the dog. The parents and handlers are always close by. Another great race to watch is the Yukon race. The drivers show their capability and speed of harnessing and handling dogs. All the mushers at these races are happy to chat with folks when not taking care of their dogs.

Aerial view of Dog Sled race

Jackman Sled Dog Club

The Jackman Sled Dog Club is a division of the Jackman Region Community Association.

If you are interested in information or would like to become a member of the Jackman Sled dog Club, please e-mail the Jackman Region Community Association at: