Our vast assortment of waters and cold water fish make this a logical destination for anglers seeking a quality fishing experience.

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Fishing at Big Wood Lake, Moose River and Remote Ponds

Fishing in stream
Even the most diehard fisherman will have fishing tales after trying his luck in the Jackman Moose River Region. We have cool clear lakes, streams, brooks and rivers all easily accessible to you. If you are looking for that out of the way fishing hole, you can get there by foot or ATV or take a float plane to one of our remote ponds. If you bring your boat, there are public launches on Attean Pond and Big Wood Lake or you can rent a boat or canoe from many of our businesses in town.

Jackman has a great deal to offer anglers of every type and skill. Its assortment of waters and cold water fish make it a logical destination for anglers seeking a quality fishing experience. Open water season starts from ice out and continues through summer into fall, which at that time, is catch and release only but still, loads of fun!

In the spring, after ice out in late April or early May, the ponds and streams produce some open water fishing opportunities that will have you scrambling for you favorite lure. One of the best fishing spots at this time of year is the Moose River inlet to Big Wood Lake or on the Moose River between Attean and Big Wood. The waters are cold and the fish will be closer to the top! As the summer sun warms the waters, you may need to troll the deeper waters to get your catch.

In the winter, Ice fishing is a most popular sport in our region. Big Wood Lake becomes its own village dotted with ice shacks, ATV, and Sleds as anglers rush to their many flags to pull in salmon, trout, splake or cusk.

Brook Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Lake trout, and splake are the primary species of fish inhabiting most of the lakes, ponds, and rivers throughout the area. These particular game fish like cool water, but that doesn't mean they won't venture up into warmer waters, searching for food.


Brook trout(square tail) thrive in waters below 65 degrees. Fishing with Bait or casting a fly is all the angler needs to know

Lake trout(togue) love the deep cool lake water like you will find on Big Wood Lake. Fishing with bait or trolling with a lead line and live bait is all you will need.

Landlocked salmon can be found in most of our lakes and ponds in the region. The prime periods for taking salmon are in the spring and fall when the waters are cold. In the summer months, the patient angler will still get his catch near the huge boulders where the salmon may hide and wait for the smaller fish to go by. Fishing with bait or trolling with a lead line and live bait is all you will need.

Splake is a hybrid resulting from the fertilizing of eggs from the lake trout with sperm from the brook trout. Because of this, they grow bigger faster and are stocked in Big Wood and Attean Ponds.

Cusk is a member of the cod family and in the winter, this is a popular catch. Big Wood Lake is especially noted for their large cusk during ice fishing season.

As a reminder, fishing licenses are required and can be purchased on line or locally in town. Be sure to pick up a regulation book before you go out to "get the big one".

Determining where game fish are comes with experience and your familiarity with the bodies of water you are fishing in. SO come back and fish our water often. You are sure to do better each time!

Visit MAINE DEPT. OF INLAND FISHERIES & WILDLIFE for more dates and information.

Local Fishing Events

Fathers Day weekend-Free Fishing Derby
February: Ice fishing Derby