Hiking in Maine is not only relaxing but offers great scenic beauty.

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Hiking Trails in and around the Jackman and Forks area

Jackman is surrounded by the most majestic mountains, most of which have a designated trails to hike and climb. The trails take you through incredible forests, over varying terrain and up to amazing scenic vistas. There are many trails that offer moderate to strenuous workouts and are each clearly marked. For specific directions, please ask your host or contact the JMRRCofC. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy while you soak in the views at the summit. Don't forget to take a camera! And remember to take along the appropriate gear for navigation and weather changes and of course, plenty of water.

Hiking Trails in the Jackman and Forks area

(Trail information by Christopher Keene "North Woods Walks")

Sally Mountain

4.8 miles
Moderate challenge
Captain Samuel Holden, the first to call this remote region home in 1820, looked out over the quiet waters of Wood Pond at an unnamed mountain. One day, he took his young daughter's hand, looked into her eyes and said, "That's your mountain now. That's Sally Mountain" Blueberries flourish up here during late July to early September so you'd better pack an appetite.

Boundary Bald Mountain

2.6 miles
Strenuous challenge
The hiking trail was built in 1911 and used to reach the wooden fire tower. Now a radio repeater station sits in its place on the open summit. (3,640feet)

Coburn Mountain

3,718 feet
Strenuous challenge
Tallest of all mountains between the Bigilow range to the South and the peaks of Baxter State Park; It is nicknamed Enchanted Mountain. Your vehicle needs to have good clearance to get to the trail. The 24 foot steel fire tower on Coburn was built in 1914 but was crushed in 1938 by ice. Abandoned until 1966, rebuilt, and in 1968, high winds blew off the cap. In 1999 it was repaired and the platform is now sturdy enough to stand on while you take in the views.

Cold Stream Falls

A short drive from the Coburn trailhead. It is not the largest, nor the most majestic, but it is the most remote. A cool dip in the pool after the hike may be what you need.

Burnt Jacket Mountain

1.5 miles
Moderate challenge
This mountain is visible from US 201 when approaching Jackman, a clumsily shaped ridge is located just six miles south east of the Canadian Border. The hiking trail leads to open summits from which there are dramatic views of the Moose River Valley

Moxie Falls

Very Easy
One of the highest set of falls in New England: the main drop is over 80 feet, which plummets into a deep slate gorge.


Number Five3 miles Holeb areaModerateBest views
Williams2 miles 13.5m west of RockwoodEasy/ModerateFew views
Green1.5 miles NW of Moosehead LakeEasyFew Views
Kibby2.5 miles 11m S of 15/201ModerateBest views
Mosquito1.9 miles Forks areaStrenuousBest Views