"Your heart races when you see a red flag pop up above the snow."

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Ice fishing shack on lake

Maine Ice Fishing Around Jackman and the Moose River Region

Ice fishing in the Region is an extremely popular sport. Our lakes; Big Wood Lake, Little Big Wood and Holeb Ponds, Long Pond and Spencer Lake, are usually thick enough to travel on by season open (January 1st) and stay frozen well into March. Power ice augers are a plus for drilling fishing holes.

Ice fishing
When ice fishing, you use a fish trap or flag system; no poles are needed. The trap looks like a folded puzzle with a spool of line attached to the one end. You unfold the ice trap, placing the spool end into the water of the ice hole. Two horizontal laterals keep it from slipping through the hole. A flexible metal strip with a red flag attached to one end is set to release when a fish is on the line. "Your heart races when you see a red flag pop up above the snow."

Many guides and a few camps do rent ice shacks to guests to keep you protected from the elements. Big Wood Lake becomes its own village dotted with ice shacks with smoke curling out from the stove pipes. Even at night, you may see lights scattered over the lake as Big Wood is especially noted for its large Cusk population. What an adventure to catch one of them! Other common catch are Salmon, lake trout (togue), Brook trout (square tail),and splake.

Salmon and splake caught Ice fishing
Jackman has a great deal to offer anglers of every type and experience, especially those looking for remote fishing and solitude. A regulation handbook, resident and nonresident licenses, tackle, bait, and guide services are all available from local businesses as well.

For more information on seasons, legal angling methods, licensing and regulations before you arrive, please contact the Maine Dept. Of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.

Ice Fishing Derby is in February every year! Great prizes!