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Maine Snowmobile Trail Reports Winter 2016/2017

Get your snowmobile trail report updates here all winter long for select trails in the Jackman and Moose River Regions. We will update this report as trail changes happen.

The Jackman area offers an extensive, well-groomed and maintained trail system that you can access from most lodging facilities in the area. If you cannot find the trail information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact the Border Riders Sportsman's Club.

For Snowmobile Trail Descriptions, see below. We offer general trail descriptions and would love to hear what you think of each trail after you ride. Leave us a comment or upload specific GPS coordinates to points of interest. Did you find an incredible Geocache while out on the trail? Tell us about that.

For general information about snowmobiling in the Jackman Moose River Region, including who to contact to register, crossing the border, or general safety facts, please visit our Maine snowmobiling page.

Please Note: Trails may vary from year to year, so please follow the signs on the trails and show respect to the landowners who have been generous with us.


Jackman Moose River Snowmobile Trail Conditions

January 17 2017

All the trails in the region are posted as good with icy conditions. Please use caution especially on the corners. Higher elevations may have more snow on the trails.Do your snow dance!

We will post any information or details as we get it. Be safe out there.

There have been trail changes so please follow signage.

To see more information or trail details, you can visit the Border Riders website or their Page on Facebook. Remember to support the clubs who maintain the trails you ride!


Border Riders Club 40 Mile Loop

January 14

Open, good, but watch for icy areas.


ITS 89 North to Border

January 14

Open and good conditions although ma be icy.

Please note:
Snowmobiles are not allowed on the Bald Mountain Road in Bald Mountain Township and Alder Brook Township on Monday through Friday due to timber harvesting. Surveillance cameras have been installed. Any snowmobilers caught on the road Monday through Friday will be prosecuted for criminal trespass, and snowmobiles may be seized, impounded and sold to cover costs. The road IS open to snowmobiles on Saturday and Sunday. Signs are posted where the snowmobile trail crosses the Bald Mountain Road, and signs are posted on the unplowed logging roads that lead to the Bald Mountain Road.

The old railroad bed along Heald Stream from Moose River up in to Bald Mountain Township is closed north of where the ITS snowmobile trail turns off the railroad bed and heads west. There is a timber harvest operation going on along the Mud Pond Road north of this location up to the Bald Mountain Road. Surveillance cameras have been installed. Any snowmobilers caught on the railroad bed north of the snowmobile trail will be prosecuted for criminal trespass, and snowmobiles may be seized, impounded and sold to cover costs. There are numerous NO SNOWMOBILING signs posted along the railroad bed north of the snowmobile trail.

Please respect the land owners and be safe


Armstrong Canada Club Trails

Visit this site for details on Canada trails http://www.fcmq.qc.ca/english/etat_sentiers.asp


ITS 88 East to Rockwood & beyond

January 14

Open and in good condition.

Other area reports:
Pittston-good. Reports of snow last night. Unplowed logging roads an option.

Rockwood clubs and groomers report trails are really good. A groomer is down on Rte 66 and may be there all winter so use caution.


ITS 89 South to the Forks & beyond

January 14

Open and our areas are in good shape. Long pond loop great and gives an alternative down to Parlin and back.

Parlin area good but no details available. Reports of more snow at higher elevations. Coburn mtn was groomed last week but unknown condition at this time.


Off - Trail Riding

January 2017
Always an option. There are many unplowed roads in the area that are covered in snow.


In-Town Trails

January 14
Open and in good condition. This can vary with high traffic.

Please stay within trail markings by the bog.

Lake trail is open.


About the Snowmobile Trails


Border Riders Club 40 Mile Loop Trail

You can access this trail ( ITS-89A) from the clubhouse or from ITS 89 (which rides along the east side of US Rt. 201). ITS 89A, or Border Riders North trail, rides along the west side of US Rt. 201. It is a windy trail with great scenery of Burnt Jacket Mountain and the Slide Down valley area. This is a great family loop, about 40 miles round trip, with some winding curves but an easy cruising ride. When the clubhouse is open, you are invited to stop in for a warm up of hot chocolate and a bite to eat before heading back out to ride or to return to your place of lodging for the night. Don't forget your camera as there may be opportunities to see some wildlife.

Please note: there is another trail that leads to the clubhouse from the North West end of Big Wood Lake. Many riders like this access when the in town trails get a little rough. At times, this trail may be closed due to harvesting, unsafe ice, or sled dog races so please, follow the signs or ask before heading across the ice.


ITS 89 North to Border

ITS 89 North from the town of Jackman will take you to the Quebec border. This route rides along the East side of US Rt. 201. It is a moderate ride with some hilly spots, but it is a nice winding trail with great views and incredible scenery. This trail follows along Heald Stream.

From the border, you can return to town via the Border Riders Club Trail, or stay on ITS 89 south to connect to ITS 88. See the trail description below for ITS 88.

Armstrong Canada Club Trails

If you are traveling north from Jackman, you can cross the border to ride the Armstrong trails in Quebec. You will need to purchase a trail pass from there; please be sure you bring the necessary papers and identification. Travelers will need to present a valid government issued ID, like a passport or US Passport card, registration, and insurance. You can visit the DHS travel website for more information on border crossing, or visit Quebec Snowmobile trails for trail information across the border.

ITS 88 East to Rockwood & Beyond

ITS 88 will lead you over to Rockwood (about 42 miles) and Greenville. There are many trails that branch off of it for shorter, longer, or different excursions. The choice is yours as to where you want to go. For a great day trip, you can stop for lunch in Rockwood or at Pittston Farm, fill up with gas, chat with other riders, and then head back to Jackman.

From the town of Jackman, go North on ITS 89 to connect to ITS 88. Some of the trails that branch off of ITS 88 are: the Pittston Farm Trail, which can then lead you up to Seboomook Lake area and over to the Moosehead Trail; the Moosehead Trail, which loops around Moosehead Lake and leads you to the Ragged Lake Trail; or off of ITS 88; and Route 66, which takes you over Moosehead Lake toward Kokadjo and ITS 85/86. Follow your map and trail signage and be sure to have enough gas to get to the next station! Don't forget a camera as you are sure to see some incredible sites along the way.

ITS 89 South to the Forks & Beyond

Going south from town, follow ITS 89 to the Forks (about 45 miles) and beyond. If you want to go eastward, the Long Pond Trail, which is just south of town, will lead you over to ITS 88 (see directions above). Follow ITS 88 South to connect onto ITS 87. This will take you around Parlin Pond and over Cold Stream Mountain and then down to the Forks.

If you are staying on ITS 89 South, you can also do the loop over Colburn Mountain, around Enchanted Pond, and around Heald Mountain, passing by the Grand falls. Connect back onto ITS 89/87 South and then on to Eustis. If you make it atop Colburn, be sure to have your camera as the views from here are incredible.

Of course, if you are looking for a shorter day run, there are many loops and club trails off of ITS 89 coming out of Jackman that you can venture on. You can pack a lunch before you take off for the day, take a break at a great scenic spot to enjoy the scenery, then head on back to town. You can also get gas and food at the camps on Enchanted Pond or in the Forks. Just remember to read your map and follow the signs, as many trails have changed. Having a compass with you is also not a bad idea.

Off-Trail Riding

Off trail riding is not for the inexperienced, but there are some incredible opportunities out there! Be sure to have a map of the region and a GPS. Remember to record your great riding on your GPS and upload those coordinates to this website so that others can have some great experiences too.

In-Town Trails

In town trails and access trails will get you to and from many of the accommodations and eateries in town. They are well traveled, so be prepared for a little rougher riding than you will find out on the main trails. Ride safe!