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Huge Moose in Maine

Jackman Maine Travel Stories by Visitors

We are in search of great stories and tales about your visit to the Jackman region, to post here on our JMRRCOC Website. We want others who have not been here yet to experience our little piece of heaven in some way and perhaps to know what they may expect to see or do when they get here.

Almost every visitor to the Jackman region has an experience to share: did you try something you never did before like white water rafting; or maybe see a cow moose in a bog with her young; or catch a big salmon that you fried up for dinner on the campfire; or maybe this was your first buck you got after hunting for 20 years. Your story could even be as simple as the wonder of sounds you hear as you sit on the shore of Big Wood Lake as the sun comes up. No story is too small or unimportant.

Please, take a moment and share with us your experiences, your knowledge of the great north woods, maybe a little bit of Jackman History, or even tell us about your favorite restaurant.

The story contest is over. If you would like to provide a testimonial, please visit the contact us page.

Jackman Maine Travel Stories by Visitors