Jackman Maine has something for every outdoor enthusiast in every season. Whether its peace and quiet or serious adventure.

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Fishing kayak on Big Wood Lake

Jackman-Moose River Region Travel Guide


Spring - It is the beginning of some of the best fishing in the Northeast, moose watching along the roadways, ATV riding, White Water Rafting, Bird Watching, Swimming, Boating, and Maple Sugaring, all in the Jackman Region.

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Summer time is all about Maine Family vacations and enjoying the outdoors. The children are out of school, the days are warm and you may wonder, what is there to do this summer? Don't sit at home in front of the TV.

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The months of September through November in the Jackman-Moose River Region are known for 2 things: A kaleidoscope of colors when fall foliage peaks and where hunters can get trophy Bucks, Big Bull Moose, plus various other small game animals such as waterfowl, coyotes, black bear and snowshoe hare.

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Maine in Winter
Jackman, the Switzerland of Maine. "We get the snow first and lose it last"! Winter is the busiest time of year in this region because of the snow belt we are in. With the amounts of snow, the well groomed trails and being at the hub of the Western Maine trails, all add up to fantastic riding well into March.

Our other popular sport in the winter is Ice Fishing. Our lakes usually have a foot of ice on them by season open and also, can continue into March. Salmon, lake trout, and splake are the common fish found in the area. Big Wood Lake is especially noted for large cusk.

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A Maine vacation in Jackman would not be complete without a day trip to Canada. Once you settle in to one of the accommodations we offer, you may feel the urge to venture further than the Jackman borders and there are several day trips to consider. Are you having "mall withdrawal"! In 45 minutes you would arrive in St. George Canada where there are several small shopping malls that could fill that need. There are also an abundance of restaurants to choose from to have a taste of a different culture's cuisine. Quebec City, Canada is only 115 miles from Jackman and offers plenty of historical sites, and shopping. A passport will be needed beginning 1-1-2008.

If you head east of Jackman for 30 minutes you will arrive in a little village called Rockwood which is located on Moosehead Lake. Rockwood has other hiking, fishing options. A beautiful vista is Mt. Kineo, where you can take a short boat ride to hike up the Mountain. Venturing further still to Greenville, which is only an hour drive from Jackman, you can find more shopping, restaurants or perhaps take a ride on a scenic boat trip on Moosehead Lake.

Thirty minutes southbound will bring you to the Forks. Here you can watch the whitewater rafters float down the river on the walking bridge, or hike down the steps at Carey brook to see the rafters up close. A very popular less strenuous hike here is Moxie Falls. What a site!


The upper Moose River Valley rivals over anywhere in New England for its beauty during the Fall Season. Bright red maples, golden birch trees and yellow aspens contrast with the dark green of the pine trees - a true feast for the eyes.

Peak season is earlier in this region-usually the last week of September to the first week of October. So as you travel north on US Route 201, or the Old Canada Trail, from Skowhegan, you will see the seasons change right before your eyes. It is a spectacular sight to behold. The further north you go, the more vibrant the colors.

Numerous turnouts and rest areas allow for opportunities for photographers to capture this beauty on film or digitally! The Attean Overlook rest area, just 3 miles south of Jackman, offers one of the finest views of the Moose River valley to the Canadian border.


Can you believe that even in our small town, we can offer a golf course? This 9 hole, 1976 yard, par 31 course overlooks the scenic mountains of the Moose River Valley. The course opens in the spring, as soon as the ground is dry, and remains open through to fall. Golf lessons, club and cart rentals are available. You do not need to reserve a tee time here-just come and play a relaxing found of golf.

The Moose River golf course is owned by the town of Moose River and was established in 1935. When you come into Jackman, it is located just 2 miles from the Railroad track.