Border Riders Club 40 Mile Loop Snowmobile Trail


Trail Description

You can access this trail ( ITS-89A) from the clubhouse or from ITS 89 (which rides along the east side of US Rt. 201). ITS 89A, or Border Riders North trail, rides along the west side of US Rt 201. It is a windy trail with great scenery of Burnt Jacket Mountain and the Slide Down valley area. This is a great family loop, about 40 miles round trip, with some winding curves but an easy cruising ride. When the clubhouse is open, you are invited to stop in for a warm up of hot chocolate and a bite to eat before heading back out to ride or to return to your place of lodging for the night. Don't forget your camera as there may be opportunities to see some wildlife.

Please note: there is another trail that leads to the clubhouse from the North West end of Big Wood Lake. Many riders like this access when the in town trails get a little rough. At times, this trail may be closed due to harvesting, unsafe ice, or sled dog races so please, follow the signs or ask before heading across the ice.


Trail Report

The Club trail is closed for the 2023 season. Please respect our landowners who are logging on their property. Thank you!


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January 25, 2009 01:48:43 PM

Does anyone have maps to share

Hello, I just got a handheld Garmin Colorado 400T and was looking to get some snowmobile maps. I'm heading up to Jackman early Feb.

January 19, 2008 10:45:23 AM

snowmobile forum

wow what an amazing webstie and detailed trail map good job guys! You might want to sign up over at SLEDtv also they will give you your own forum there


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Filename File Information
Morning Run
Date submitted: February 11, 2009 08:49:58 PM
Contributor: spencerm44
Description: A run I like to make in the morning
Directions to trailhead: Big Wood
Jackman to St. George, Canada
Date submitted: October 7, 2008 08:36:40 PM
Contributor: RiverDriver
Description: This is a 180 mile trip into Canada with a loop on both the Jackman and St. George ends to minimize the amount of backtracking. The trip was done in the spring of 2008 on marked trails and the GPX file is the track of that trip. Don't forget to check to see what ID you need to cross the border. The first clubhouse in Canada is where you can get a great lunch and pay your daily trail fee.
Directions to trailhead: You can start at several places along the Jackman loop, ie, in town, at the Border Riders clubhouse, and at several access roads.
BorderRiders to Pittston Farm
Date submitted: February 10, 2008 04:18:06 PM
Contributor: rev-mxz
Directions to trailhead: Take Rt 201 North, go through Jackman, Border Riders Clubhouse on left.

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If you take your gps out on a ride on the trails near the Jackman Moose River Region, please share your data with us and other visitors by uploading your data as a gpx file. Whether it is just a segment or the whole trail or an offshoot. If you feel that some of the data is off due to bad tracking for one reason or another, just put in the comments "need editing".


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