ITS 89 North Jackman to Canada Snowmobile Trail


Trail Description

ITS 89 North from the town of Jackman will take you to the Quebec border. This route rides along the East side of US Rt 201. It is a moderate ride with some hilly spots but it is a nice winding trail with great views and incredible scenery. This trail follows along Heald Stream.

From the border you can return to town via the Border Riders Club Trail or stay on ITS 89 south to connect to ITS 88. See the trail description below for ITS 88.


Trail Report

March 13, 2021

We have had warm temperatures this past week and our trails have been effected. The trails up north and in the higher elevations are surprisingly in okay conditions. There are thin spot, especially in low areas and around corners. Please ride carefully!

Because the border is closed this winter and Border Riders is not grooming a trail to the border - Border Riders is grooming the loop where ITS 89 meets the Border Riders Club Trail in Sandy Bay Township just south of the Arnold Farm Sugarhouse - a timber harvest will begin on March 1st north of the Arnold Farm Sugarhouse along the roads that have been used as the snowmobile trail to the border in past years but not this year.
Because of this timber harvesting, no snowmobiles are allowed on the roads north of the Arnold Farm Sugarhouse Monday through Friday.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The landowners of the Bald Mountain Road has restricted access to visitors Monday - Friday. They have informed us that any unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owners expense. Please consider parking at the Border Riders Club House.


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February 13, 2008 03:09:09 PM

Kathy and gang

Headed for Kokadjo last weekend from 88. ROUTE 66 ROCKS!

January 21, 2008 04:25:14 PM

Best riding in 3 years

We went up to Jackman for a 3 day trip and I have to say, this was the best riding in 3 years. Even the in town were not too bad. Those groomers must have been on it every night.Trails were smooth and fantastic weather did not hurt either. Can't wait to get back up there

December 29, 2007 08:53:56 AM


I came up with my son for an overnight stay to ride and we had a great day of riding (12/27) The trails were great except for one area that was a bit bumpy-I was told it was because there was an area that had not frozen over yet. We went north the next day and it was incredible. All in all, as usual, the trails are excellent in Jackman

December 27, 2007 09:16:43 AM


This is a great trail...we even saw a moose standing on the side of the town are getting a little rough but all in all, great ride


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