Jackman is located in the heart of the Northern Maine Mountains where every season has something wonderful to offer.

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July 11, 2007

I just wanted to make a comment about Jackman
after bringing my Scout Troop up there last weekend. We were so very impressed
by EVERYONE that we dealt with in Jackman! We stayed at Moose River
Campground and rafted the Kennebec with Windfall and the kids had a wonderful time.

One of our scouts fell at the campground (his fault)and sustained a very
serious laceration to his leg. The proprietor of Moose River (I'm
sorry I didn't get her name) was first on scene and did a great job
handling things until we got there. She then called the Health Center and
told them we were coming.

The folks at the Health Center were there waiting and did a great job
suturing the wound and even came by the campsite the next day to change
the dressing! You couldn't come close to that kind of health care in
any big time Boston hospital.

The folks at Windfall were just great in accommodating our troop at a very
reasonable price.

I've camped all over the US and Maine, but had never made it to
Jackman. Based on my experiences last week, I will certainly add that
area to my list of places to explore personally and with my Scout Troop.

Phil Lessard
BSA Troop 55
Mansfield, MA
December 9, 2007

The first time I was in Jackman, we completed the Bow trip, where we kayaked the loop. After the first portage, through swams of mosquitos, my husband looked at me and realized that if I could handle that - I could handle anything. 14 years later, we still return to Jackman for summer camping/kayaking and winter ice fishing. Beautiful place, kind people, perfect weekend excape.

Nadia Glucksberg

February 5, 2008

This has been the best snowmobile trip we have had this year! The trails are great! If you want to ride some great trails with great conditions, go to Jackman but be sure you check out RT 66 that takes you over through
Rockwood. Excellent Ride. Can't wait to go back!

Did You Know?

Moose have a diet of woodland and aquatic, and marsh vegetation (Up to 40 - 50 lbs. a day!) and can actually feed under water!

Did You Know?

Moose are not normally aggressive, however they can be. The signs are: its ears are laid back, he may lick his lips, and the hair on its hump will rise.

During mating season, (called RUT), usually late September though November, a bull moose may be more aggressive toward people.

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