Jackman Maine, also known as The Switzerland of Maine, is a small town nestled in the North Western Mountains of Maine in the Moose River Valley.

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Jackman Maine

History of the Moose River Valley

Sparkling pure water, tumbling stream, sweeping mountains, and the vast North wood-that's what Samuel Holden found here in 1819. And that's what you'll find here today when you visit this beautiful area. Mr. Holden and his family followed the Kennebec River north to the Forks. From there, they traveled over land on snowshoes, about 30 miles, and settled in the Moose River Valley. Their second home here is still standing on the Moose River Golf Course.

Around 1810, Maine Entrepreneurs established a wagon road in hopes of developing new markets for their products. In Maine this road was called "Old Canada Trail". It was also known as "Arnolds Trail" for Benedict Arnold who used this route to Quebec during the American Revolution. In the 1830's, Captain James Jackman was hired by the state to complete the construction of the road from the Forks to Canada. The town of Jackman was named after the Captain.

In 1888, the Canadian Pacific Railroad hit town, and the area awoke. The lumbering industry went into high gear in the first part of the twentieth century with the opening of the Kellogg Lumber Company at Long Pond in 1906. Lumbering became the life-blood of the area. It remains the major business today though most of the mills are gone.

Historical Maine
We are part of the Moose River valley as we are nestled in between the mountains to our North and South. The Valley extends north to the towns of Moose River and Dennistown Plantation, east to Long Pond and south to Parlin Pond and is the gateway between Quebec and Maine. Jackman is the center and largest town in this region.

Jackman is also about the midpoint of the Kennebec-Chaudiere International Scenic Corridor, which stretches approximately 230 miles from Bath Maine to Quebec Canada. A journey through the Kennebec-Chaudiere International Scenic Corridor rewards the visitor with a wealth of historic attractions, scenic drives and outstanding outdoor recreation. The route follows 201 north to 173 in Quebec through the Kennebec and Chaudiere valleys.

US Route 201 is also known as "Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway". It winds right along side the Kennebec River, Wyman Lake, the Dead River, and vast forests.

As you travel the byway, stop at the different rest areas to read the stories and learn the history of the region. The Attean Overlook rest area, just south of Jackman, offers one of the finest views of the Moose River valley to the Canadian border offering an expansive and breathtaking snapshot of the remote and rugged beauty of this area.

For more information on the Kennebec-Chaudiere International Scenic Corridor, visit Kennebec-Chaudiere or the Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway.

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The Jackman-Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce was organized for the purpose of advancing the economic, industrial, civic, and general interest of all communities in the trade area of the Jackman-Moose River Region. Area residents and merchants are long accustomed to catering to visitors and wish to continue the tradition by welcoming you to the Jackman-Moose River Region.


  • Jackman is in Somerset County
  • The elevation at Newton Field Airport in Jackman is 1178 feet (estimate)
  • James Jackman, for whom the town was named, was contracted by the State to build the Canada Road from The Forks to the Canadian border.
  • Moose River was first settled by Capt. Samuel Holden who in 1820 opened an inn as a stop for cattle drivers en route from Boston to Quebec
  • The last census in the year 2010 was 862 year round residents in Jackman.
  • The last census in the year 2010 was 218 year round residents in Moose River.
  • Jackman is about 72 miles N. of Skowhegan, 135 miles N. of Portland, and 229 miles N. of Boston, and about 15 miles to the Quebec border.


Nearly all of the forest land in the Jackman Region is privately owned by companies, families, individuals, investment groups, and the like. And nearly all of this privately owned land is a working forest. What is a working forest? Although the landowners in the Jackman Region provide free access to visitors to camp, hike, bike, fish, hunt, etc., the money the landowners need to pay the taxes, maintain roads, campsites, etc., is generated from the sale of forest products.

Trees are a renewable resource. New trees start growing every year without any assistance from anyone. In fact, some times so many new trees start growing in a given area that the trees have to be thinned out to provide ample growing space for the desired trees.

If you plan on being out in the working forest, please follow these simple rules: Stay away from active timber harvesting operations and timber harvesting equipment. Please yield to logging trucks on private gravel roads. Please show respect to these private landowners who allow free access on their land by treating the land as if it were your own. Enjoy your visit to the working forest!

State of Maine Symbols

State FishLandlocked Salmon
State BirdBlack-capped Chickadee
State FlowerWhite Pinecone
State GemstoneTourmaline
State HerbWintergreen
State InsectEuropean honeybee
State MammalMoose
State BerryBlueberry
State BeverageMoxie
State SongState of Me Song
State TreeEastern White Pine

Did You Know?

If you drive down Spencer road, off to the right, you can still see evidence of where POW Camps were. There were 4 camps in Maine that housed German prisoners during WWII and this was one of them.

Did You Know?

Jackman's tagline is: "the Switzerland of Maine"? What we know is that in the early 60's, as a school project, the children of Jackman were assigned to come up with a tagline for the town of Jackman. The winning student was honored with the town adopting it. We don't know when this happened or who won. Anyone with more information, please contact the JMRRCOC.
Jackman was the best kept secret 20 years ago but now the secret is out. It truly is a peaceful, beautiful place to go. It is a great place for the sportsmen and women.

Jackman Weather

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