Days filled with crisp clean air and frosty nights reawaken the senses.

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Attean fall

Maine in the Fall is for Hunting Fall Foliage and ATV Riders


The months of September through November in the Jackman-Moose River Region are known for 2 things: A kaleidoscope of colors when fall foliage peaks and where hunters can get trophy Bucks, Big Bull Moose, plus various other small game animals such as waterfowl, coyotes, black bear and snowshoe hare.

No question about it, the fall season brings this region a rainbow of colors unsurpassed in the Northeast and a true feast for the eyes and the camera. Days filled with crisp clean air and frosty nights reawaken the senses. Come visit us in late September to early October (peak foliage is much earlier in the Northeast) and experience our fabulous colors. As you travel north along the Old Canada Road (US RT 201), you will see the seasons change right before your eyes.

Don't forget to stop at the Attean Lookout, just 3 miles south of Jackman, for spectacular view of Attean Pond, and the upper Moose River valley. Once you are here, tour the area on one of the many logging roads, cruise the trails on your ATV, or take one of our many hiking trails and view the colors from the top of a mountain.

New England fall foliage
One of the most popular sporting activities in the Jackman-Moose River Region is Hunting. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of commercial timberland that, with a few exceptions, is open to hunting free of charge. This is home to Deer, Black Bear, Moose, Hare, Ruffed Grouse, woodcock and coyotes are the most prominent game.

The white tail deer draws the most interest and for good reason. Jackman bucks get big both in body and rack. Un-crowded hunting opportunities is the rule in this area. It is not uncommon to hunt all day without ever cutting other hunters tracks in the snow. Another delight to hunters, we usually have snow in November!

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