Hunting in Maine includes Ruffed Grouse, Ducks, Woodcock, Rabbit, Coyote, Black Bear, Deer and if your lucky enough to win the chance, Moose.

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Moose in Maine

Bear, Deer, Moose Hunting and More

Hunting deer
Hunting is a sport that the Jackman-Moose River has supported for many, many years. The opportunity to hunt Ruffed Grouse, Ducks, Woodcock, Rabbit, Coyote, Black Bear, Deer and if your lucky enough to win the chance, Moose.

The white tail deer draws the most interest and for good reason. Jackman bucks get big both in body and rack.

The Jackman-Moose River Region is surrounded by thousands of acres of commercial timberland that, with a few exceptions, is open to hunting free of charge. Un-crowded hunting opportunities is the rule in this area. It is not uncommon to hunt all day without ever cutting other hunters tracks in the snow. Another delight to hunters, we usually have snow in November!

Please Respect for the landowners' policies is necessary to keep this land open to the public.

Licensed Maine Guides are available if assistance is required and if you forget to get a hunting license before you arrive, they can be obtained in town.


Deer Hunting in Maine

Jackman is well known for its whitetail deer-there are big bucks in these woods. Tagging a buck in the 200+ pound category is not unusual.

Moose Hunting in Maine (By Permit Only)

The moose population in this area is large; if you're lucky enough to get a moose permit in the annual lottery, you're almost sure to bag one. They're everywhere. One local guide service claims 100% of its clients have had successful moose hunts.

Bear Hunting in Maine

Black bear are plentiful in the region and are usually hunted over bait, which is legal in Maine, with the landowner's permission. Hunters must register with landowners for a fee and sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Out-of-state bear hunters who want to hunt with their own dogs must be accompanied by a Registered Maine Guide.
Hunting moose

Bird Hunting in Maine

For bird hunters the region offers excellent partridge country along countless miles of woods & roads. The cover can be very thick and a dog can make all the difference in retrieving a downed bird. Local guides offer hunts over dogs, and many area accomodations permit hunters to bring their own animals.

Rabbit Hunting in Maine

Rabbits/snowshoe hares are also plentiful, with a long season. It's not unusual to bag your limit most days, with or without dogs. Local guides also offer hunts with dogs.

Coyote Hunting in Maine

Coyote hunting is a real challenge. They are hunted over bait and by using calls. They are a very wily predator and luck-as well as skill-is necessary to bag one.

Safety Issues

New hunters must pass a hunter safety course and experienced hunters must present a previous year's license to get a new license.

Two pieces of high visibility hunter orange clothing-one of them a hat, the other a vest, jacket or coat covering the torso-must be worn at all times while hunting.