Jackman Maine, also known as The Switzerland of Maine, is a small town nestled in the North Western Mountains of Maine in the Moose River Valley.

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Bald Eagle Jackman Maine

Where To Bird Around Jackman Maine and Moose River Valley

The Moose River valley is nestled in between mountains to the North and South. The Valley extends north to the towns of Moose River and Dennistown Plantation, east to Long Pond and south to Parlin Pond and is the gateway between Quebec and Maine. Jackman is the center and largest town in this region.

Ponds / Lakes / Rivers

The best way to see waterfowl or birds along the shore of our waters is by kayak or canoe.

Attean Pond Maine Birding
  • Attean Pond
    Attean has many small and larger islands. In August, you may see a mamma loon and her babies strolling along between the islands.
  • Big Wood Lake
    The best spots for viewing the Eagles Nest is by Wood Stream. And while fishing, you may often see Eagles flying over head so be sure to look up.
  • Parlin Pond
    With all the trees surrounding the Pond, birds will be a plenty
  • Long Pond
    Travel down Moose River from Big Wood to Long Pond where you may be surprised what you see. Blue Heron, Ducks and Loons to name a few.


  • Burnt Jacket mountain
    In the spring, which is around May and June, everything spring to life in the Moose River Region and nesting begins. Take a walk on the many hiking trails in the area and enjoy. Gray Jays were seen at the top of Burnt Jacket mountain which is moderate hike with incredible views.
  • Boundary Bald Mountain trail
    Boundary Bald Mountain trail is a strenuous hike but from the peak you will have outstanding views in every direction. You may see Osprey in that area as well as many of the varieties listed.
  • No. 5 Mountain Trail
    No. 5 Mountain Trail is part of nearly 10,000 acre Mountain Preserve and is protected as an ecological reserve, maintained by the Forest Society of Maine. This photo was taken mid September. After mud season ends, you can also travel along the bike trail or use your ATV to get farther into the woods and enjoy looking for birds along the many streams and waterways.

#5 Bog Jackman Maine


  • #5 Bog
    Both the bog and jack pine stand are accessible within a quarter mile hike from either the shores of Attean Pond or the Moose River. A great chance to see Northern Harriers, which frequent the bog.
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  • The Attean Overlook Rest Area
    on US Route 201, just south of Jackman, offers one of the finest views of the Moose River valley to the Canadian border offering an expansive and breathtaking snapshot of the remote and rugged beauty of this area. Its also a great place to look for birds.

Jackman park

Around Town

  • Visitor Information Booth
    Our visitor booth an A frame, located on Main Street, has bird feeders out where you might glimpse some finches, chickadees, nuthatches, jays, grosbeaks or more. Right next to the booth is our area park, Armand Pomerleau Park. Not only can you enjoy views of Big Wood lake and the mountains beyond, but you can relax, have a picnic, and watch the ducks and geese that may wander up.

Tree Swallow Jackman Maine

Did You Know?

Bald Eagles frequently nest around Big Wood Lake.